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Special Offers

Only £1.99

25 Allium azureum

A lovely tall variety with clusters of small, vivid cornflower blue flower heads. True blue is a tricky colour to find in nature so Azureum is a rare treat for the garden.

Only £2.99

25 Single snowdrops

Elegant in pure white, a statuesque lily flowering tulip that makes an arresting focal point in the bed or border.

Only £1.49

25 Narcissi Minnow

This miniature daffodil is simply a jewel for lovers of rockery displays. It is only 15-20cm tall and produces two to four dainty little soft yellow flowers per stem. This variety is well known for its ability to increase rapidly.

Only £1.49

25 Narcissi Martinette

A delightful Jonquilla Naricci producing a delicate sweet scent that will add plenty of interest to the spring garden, coupled with gorgeous golden yellow flowers with yellow centres.

Only £2.99

100 Crocus species mixed

Our mixture of species Crocus will bloom from February when little else in the garden is in flowerm bringing some much needed colour to your displays afetr winter. Their lovely little flowers, which grow to around 8-10cm are the perfect way to break the winter’s spell and will naturalise profusely to return every spring.

Only £2.49

25 Allium Purple Sensation

Tight fist size heads of vivid purple. Plant in clumps anywhere in the border. They are best left undisturbed where they will naturalise and multiply. Height 80cm.

Only £1.49

10 Tulip purple dream

Only £1.49

10 Tulip tres chic

Elegant in pure white, a statuesque lily flowering tulip that makes an arresting focal point in the bed or border. The lily flowering range are some of our most popular tulips due to their unique fluted petals that gracefully reflex suspended on tall, fine wiry stems,

Only £1.49

10 Tulip Flutes on Fire

A gorgeous new Lily flowering Tulip, also known as a Fluted Tulip which will add plenty of elegance to the spring border

Only £1.49

10 Tulip Pretty Woman

Cardinal red giant 9cm blooms. Exceptionally long lasting flowers. Ht. 40cm. Fl. Late April/May.

Only £1.49

10 Tulip Mariette

A beautiful rose-pink, very reflexed petals, excellent stem. Height 56cm.

Only £1.49

10 Tulip Ballerina

Tulip Ballerina is the brightest of our lily-flowering, fluted Tulips. The elegant, vivid orange flowers will flower from April-May on sturdy 55cm stems for a really eye-catching spring display. This standout beauty also boasts a sweet, subtle scent and attractive foliage. Plant in fertile, well-drained soil with as much sunlight as possible and enjoy from April-May.

Only £2.99

10 Bedding size traditional Hyacinth mixed

Create a miniature rainbow with these brightly coloured flower spikes. These hardy plants will flower through throughout March and April, for an amazing six weeks in an optimum season. It’s beautiful highly scented flowers are excellent for bedding and general purpose or these untreated bulbs can be grown in indoor pots for flowering in early spring.

Only £1.99

25 Scilla hispanica

Only £1.99

50 Dwarf iris mix

Dwarf Iris flower in February when little else in the garden is showing. Other than yellow, all other varieties included in the mixture are shades of blue and purple with yellow or orange markings

Only £6.99

Bluebell stake light

RRP £9.99

Only £6.99

Snowdrop stake light


Only £4.99

Solar ice orb

Buy 2 for £8

Only £19.99

Stainless steel marker lights 6 pack

RRP £22.99

Only £2.99

Mini ice orbs

Only £19.99

Mosaic border lights 6 pack

Only £19.99

Classic ice orb pack of 5

Only £2.99

Cole and Bright Hanging Lightbulb Solar Light

A modern and fun way to illuminate garden parties and brighten your garden.

These modern and unconventional solar powered bulbs look great hung up around the garden.

Only £9.99

Country cream clock

RRP £24.99

Only £9.99

Soft grey clock

RRP £24.99

Only £5.99

Westland organic chicken manure pellets

Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Only £3.99

Tomorite 1L plus 30% extra free

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4 for £12

JAB Compost 50ltr

J Arthur Bower’s compost is essential to the growth of your plants and ensures that they flourish. We’re offering 50ltrs of this multi-purpose compost for £3.50 each or 4 for £12.

2 for £10

Jack's Magic Compost

A real favourite with our customers Jack’s Magic is a premium compost at a great price. £6.99 or 2 for £10


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