Special Offers

At Parker’s Garden Centres we pride ourselves in offering great value for money. Here are just some of our special offer products in store now.

Free Gift

5 Lilium Muscadet free when you spend over £30 in store.

Only £2.49

Strip Vegetable Plants

Up to 25 plants per strip. British Grown

5 for £8

9cm Potted Veg Plants

£1.99 each. British Grown

5 for £8

9cm Herb Plant

£1.99 each.

British grown

5 for £8

9cm Potted Bulbs

£1.99 each.

British grown

4 for £10

1 Litre Potted Bulbs

£2.99 each

British grown

4 for £7

9cm pot perennial offer

Huge range of small potted perennials only £1.99 each. Ideal as as a cost effective way to inject Summer colour into the garden.

4 for £10

2 Ltr Perennial offer

Superb range of UK grown perennials, an amazing £2.99 each.

5 for £17.50

1 Ltr shrub offer

Great value shrubs, all uk grown and fantastic quality and choice. A cost effective way of creating a new border or just filling in those gaps. Only £3.99 each

4 for £18

3 Ltr shrub offer

Another great value shrub offer.

All British grown with a great selection. £4.99 each.

20 for £2.99

Seed Potatoes

Great selection of seed potatoes available now. 10 for £1.99

£1.49 Each

Great selection of Dahlias

Great selection of top quality Dahlia tubers at an unbelievable price. We do not buy our bulbs and tubers from a third party supplier so we are able to offer you the best prices, straight from the growers..

parker's garden centres

3 for £10

J Arthur Bowers Multi Purpose Compost

A great compost for most uses. Only £3.99.

2 for £12

Jack's Magic compost offer

Jacks Magic is a real growth brand in the compost market. Great quality multi purpose compost at a great price. Only £6.99 each.

Only £34.99

5 Tier Grow Arc

RRP £46.99

Only £2.99

Windowsill Grow Kit

RRP £6.99

2 for £10

Growbag Tray

£8.49 each

Only £19.99

Four Tier Compact Growhouse

RRP £29.99

Only £5.99

Ornamental Wind Chimes

RRP £7.99

Only £6.99

Rattan Effect 14 inch Basket

RRP £8.99

Only £6.99

Rattan Effect 14 inch Cone

RRP £8.99

Only £3.99

Traditional Wood Logs

Only £19.99

Hozelock Growbag Watering System

RRP £24.99

Only £9.99

Classic Seed Blend 12.5 KG

The gardener’s choice. This no grow, no mess bird seed contains a variety of seeds for to provide a balanced diet for birds.

Only £12.99

Westland Safelawn 150m

Westland Safe Lawn is Child and Pet Friendly it will make your lawn thicker and greener, makes grass grow stronger out competing weeds and moss, uses friendly Bacteria to transform dead leaves and moss into nutrients

Only £4.99

Resolver 24 hour Ready To Use Weedkiller

Resolva 24H is a revolution in weed control, combining the speed of a contact killer with the deep-down root-killing activity of a systemic. The results are amazing–Resolva 24H is so quick you see results in 24 hours.Unlike some weedkillers,

Only £5.99

Resolva Zero Ready To Use Weedkiller

Great alternative to Glysophate based weedkillers. Non hazardous to pets.

2 for £9

Miracle Gro Slow release plant food 1 KG plus 30% extra free

Premium brand slow release multi purpose feed at a great price.

Only £5.99 each.

Only £3.99

Tomorite 1 Ltr +30% extra free

The brand leader in tomato food.

2 for £12

Growing Success Advanced Slug Killer

Only £6.99 each.

Only £4.99

Provado Ultimate Bug Killer Ready to use Spray

The brand leader in insecticides.


Only £19.99

Patio Magic Power Sprayer 5 Ltr

Ready to use hard surface cleaner that kills and controls green mould, algae and lichens

  • Battery operated Power Sprayer for easy application; 4x duracell AA batteries included
  • Just spray and leave; no scrubbing
  • For use on outdoor paved areas, patios, paths, driveways and walls, greenhouse or conservatory glass, perspex and garden furniture
  • Visible results in 2-4 days RRP £27.99 


Only £5.99

Block Paving Brushes

For removing weeds, moss, sand etc. in between paving blocks, crazy paving and similar surfaces.

Only £24.99

Willowdale Solar Fairy House Large

RRP £29.99

Only £3.99

Cole and Bright Hanging Lightbulb Solar Light

A modern and fun way to illuminate garden parties and brighten your garden.

These modern and unconventional solar powered bulbs look great hung up around the garden.

Only £4.99

Foil effect hanging lightbulb

Coming soon!

2 for £9

Black Nickel Solar Ice Orb

Coming Soon!

Only £34.99

Solar Security Floolight

400 lumens of light.

Motion Sensor technology

Just attach to a wall and off you go.

RRP $39.99