Special Offers

At Parker’s Garden Centres we pride ourselves in offering great value for money. Here are just some of our special offer products in store now.

4 for £10

Spring flowering bulbs in 1 Litre pots

Great range of Spring flowering bulbs with an amazing mix and match multi buy £2,99 each

2 for £10

Japanese Azaleas

Fantastic Evergreen shrub which bursts into vivid flower in Spring available in different colours, £5.99 each.

5 for £20

1 Litre shrub offer

A huge range of evergreen and deciduous shrubs

only £4.50 each

2 for £10

3 ltr shrub offer

Only £5.99

5 for £10

British Grown 9cm ready to plant perennials.

Fantastic range of ready to plant perennials only £2.25.

4 for £12

1 litre perennial collection

Fantastic range of 1 litre perennials only £3.50

3 for £5

Huge range of Dahlia tubers

Real show stopping plants for pots or in borders.

Only £4.50

5 Giant Cascading Begonias mixed

Elegant blooms tumble down the sides of hanging baskets and containers, creating magnificent multi-coloured displays of colour that will give your patios charm throughout summer.

Only £2.99

5 Non stop Begonias

These sensational Begonias flower virtually non-stop throughout the summer months giving a wonderful display. They are compact and vigorous, with a colourful range of flowers up to 7 cm across, making them ideal as bedding for the front of a border or in patio pots, containers and window boxes.

Only £2.99

5 Giant Oriental Lily Stargazer

Great range of Lily bulbs from only £2.99

Only £5.50

5 Begonia Splendide Mixed

Splendide are a premium range of trailing Begonias, perfect for the summer pots and containers, where they will add a touch of something different to the traditional trailing basket plants. Our vibrant mixture is made from a range of popular varieties, in a mixture of pastel coloured double blooms which look truly remarkable when they appear.

Only £2.50

Calla Canter

A great range of colourful Zantedeschias . Fantastic as a centre piece to a pot or colourful addition to a border.

Only £3.99

5 Nerine Bowdenii

Breathe some life back into the waning September borders with Nerine Bowdenii. This exquisite, late flowering specimen is guaranteed to add a delicate flush of colour to the garden at a time when other plants are beginning to fade. Also known as the ‘Nerine Lily’ due to the shape and form of its blooms, this superb variety produces strap-like foliage and an abundance of vivid pink flowers with curling petals atop slender, surprisingly robust stems.

Only £19.99

Evergreen Complete 400m squared for the price of 360 m squared

Only £3.99

Tomorite 1 ltr plus 30% extra free

RRP  £4.29

Only £5.99

Miracle grow all purpose plant food concentrated

1kg  + 20% Free

Only £3.99

Pour and Feed 1 ltr

Only £4.99

Roundup RTU 1.2 ltr

RRP £5.99

Only £9.99

Miracle Grow Patch Magic Jug 115g

RRP £11.99

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3 for £10

J Arthur Bowers Multi Purpose Compost

A great compost for most uses. Only £3.99.

2 for £12

Jack's Magic compost offer

Jacks Magic is a real growth brand in the compost market. Great quality multi purpose compost at a great price. Only £6.99 each.

Only £9.99

Classic Seed Blend 12.5 KG

The gardener’s choice. This no grow, no mess bird seed contains a variety of seeds for to provide a balanced diet for birds.