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August Jobs


Beds and borders



•Continue with the watering and weeding.


•Dead-heading and general tidying of perennials which have got a bit overenthusiastic will help the borders drift beautifully into late summer and autumn. Cut back any floppy or unruly plants of prop them up with some bamboo canes and a bit of string. Not only will the border look better for it but where you have trimmed may well give you a second flush of colour later on.


•Prune rambling Roses once they have finished flowering.


•Give Lavenders a cut back now, prune back all of the flowering stems and an inch/2.5cms of the foliage. This will encourage some flushing up of foliage from the bottom and lengths of the stems, helping to prevent it becoming woody and set it up nicely to look good over winter.


•Check under Roses and other plants for diseased leaves, if they are infected with Mildew, black spot or rust they will fall early. The infection will persist in these leaves spreading back up onto the plant through rain splash-back.


•Spring flowering bulbs will be in stock now and you can begin planning and planting for next years Spring displays. Why not take a look at our special offer pages to see some of this years offers.













Fruit and vegetables


•Keep crops well- watered, they have a tendency to bolt if too dry.


•Onion and Garlic crops will be ready to harvest.


•Regularly check Tomato crops in the green house, pick off any diseased leaves which look like they may have been affected by mildew, prompt action will help keep it at bay. If you do see this increase ventilation if possible, and ensure you are picking off side shoots and a few of the leaves, to ease congestion.


•Harvest Sweetcorn once the ‘silks’ start to go brown and eat as soon as possible to really enjoy the sweetness.


•Look out for brown rot on Apples, this infection occurs on damaged fruits and establishes fast causing browning of the apple skin, pick off any offending fruit as soon as you see it.


•Prune summer fruiting Raspberries, cut out this years fruited stems to the ground, leave the new growth made this year which will provide next year’s fruit.



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