April Gardening Jobs

April is a month to enjoy the fruits of your gardening labour! There are also plenty of jobs to crack on with to keep your garden in tip top shape.

Sow Wildflowers & Marigolds

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Wildflowers have increased in popularity year on year.

Known for attracting bees and butterflies, they are ideal fillers for any blank spaces in your garden.

Buy seeds in large boxes or small packets in store now!*

Feed hungry young mouths!

hatchlings birds

Hatchlings will start to appear this month. Give new mums and dads a helping hand by leaving seed and feeds out in a bird house or table!

Increase houseplant watering

houseplants April 21

It is now active growing season for houseplants – meaning they will need watering more often.

Check soil regularly to ensure it isn’t drying out, and water according to your specific plant. Dessert plants such as Cacti and Succulents will need less water than Ferns, for example.

Also consider a houseplant feed to encourage healthy growth!

Enjoy Spring blooms

tulips april 21

If you were busy planting bulbs in Autumn, then no doubt your garden is now full of colour!

Tulips, Daffodils and other Spring varieties are a cheery sight in the garden – make sure to take time to appreciate the fruits of your labour.

It’s not too late to plant bulbs and tubers for Summer either. Dahlias, Gladioli, Begonias and more available in store now*.

Protect New Growth From Slugs

Hosta shoots

New growth means slugs will be on the prowl…

Protect seedlings and young plants with slug pellets. These come in many forms – including organic, biodegradable options.

Feed Roses & Shrubs

roses with feed

To double the amount of blooms on your roses, consider using a specialist feed this month. 

Available in store from £5.99, our Miracle-Gro feed can also be used to energise shrubs and improve growth.

Repair Patchy Lawns

patchy lawn

It’s normal for lawns to be a bit patchy after bad weather and being trodden on during winter.

Re-seed your lawn with a ‘Patch Repair’ product for best results.

Available from as little as £3.25*.

Paint Timber Products

Hands are cut bush clippers in garden.

Sheds, fences, furniture, decking, sleepers… the list goes on!

All of the above will benefit from treatment and/or a fresh coat of pain ahead of Summer.

Make the most of any dry spells we have this month to get the job done. You will thank yourself when you don’t have to do it in the summer sun!

* all products mentioned in the blog were available at the time of writing

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