Christmas 2021 Trends: Gonks

Many of us are familiar with the cheeky reputation of ‘elf on the shelf’. This year, there’s a new (or not so new) character on the scene – the Nordic Gonk.

At first glance, Gonks may simply look like festive gnomes. They actually originate from Nordic mythology, where they are thought of as Christmas house guests. 

They can be naughty or nice – depending on what they think of you and your home!

Treat them with respect, and they will protect your home and bring good luck. If they decide they don’t like you or your home however, they are known to cause chaos…

Gonk takeover

This year, we have noticed an increase in the popularity of Gonks at our garden centres – and we aren’t the only ones!

House Beautiful claims Gonks are ‘continuing to surge’ in popularity, and Ideal Home has produced a list of 11 styling ideas for Gonks in the home this year.

Gonk cushions, stockings, plush and metal figures – you name it, you’ll find it amongst our Christmas products this year.


Spark your little one's imagination...

As well as being a quirky decoration, Gonks can also cause mischief that your children will love.

Just like Elf on the Shelf, they can find themselves in all sorts of cheeky situations. They have already invaded the reindeer display at our Flixton centre!

Additionally, you can join in the tradition of leaving your Gonk/s a special snack on the night of the winter solstice – this year it is the 21st of December. 

This invites them to join the family in the celebration of Christmas – and your children will be delighted to see the snack gone or half eaten the next day!


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