December Gardening Jobs

For gardeners, December is all about two things – keeping the garden looking tidy, and preparing for next year’s planting! Take a look at this month’s top tips below.

Move potted plants to sheltered areas

buxus in pot sheltered

We seem to be having some fierce winds already this winter, so it is a good idea to protect your potted plants.

Place them in sheltered spots to prevent wind and frost damage to both the pots and plants.

Enlist the help of birds to protect roses

rose bird feed

Birds can be of great help when it comes to keeping unwanted creepy crawlies away from roses.

Placing a bird feeder close to roses encourages birds to hunt for the pests. 

Cut branches off winter classics for decorations


Berry producing plants, holly and spruce all make great decorations for Christmas.

Cut branches off for use in wreaths, garlands or on your tree. The possibilities are endless!

Enhance your driveway with wreaths

fxt halman wreath

If you love sprucing up the front of your home with hanging baskets, you can achieve the same outcome with wreaths in December!

A December and Christmas staple, every door looks better with a wreath.

Fresh and artificial wreaths available in store – including equipment to make or decorate your own.

Support Brussel Sprout plants

brussel sprout plant

Have you had a crack at growing your own sprouts this year? They can start to get heavy at this time of year. If you notice them starting to lean, make sure to tie them to a cane or similar.

Protect taps, hoses and attachments

tap cover

Frost can quickly damage and crack hoses, taps and hose attachments at this time of year.

Bring attachments inside away from the cold and consider buying a tap cover.

Keep tidying leaves and debris

leaf grabber

Garden pests can make themselves at home in leaf piles, so it is worth keeping the garden free of autumn debris.

Consider using gathered leaves to make leafmould – an invaluable soil conditioner.

Our garden centres currently have great value offers available on rakes and tidying equipment,

Dig your borders over for 2022

soil digging spade

Prepare for 2022 planting and sowing by digging your borders over and having a clear out of any weeds or unwanted plants.

You will thank yourself come January!

* all products mentioned in the blog were available at the time of writing

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