Firing up for Autumn

Shorter days and colder weather don’t have to put an immediate end to dining al fresco and inviting guests to join you in the garden!

Fire pits and chimineas are an excellent addition to the garden at this time of year, as the warmth and light they offer can mean you can enjoy your garden for longer.

They come in a range of styles and sizes, meaning you can find something to suit whatever space you have in your garden.

Fuel for your firepit or chiminea

There are several choices for fueling – sometimes dependent on the type of firepit or chiminea you have. Charcoal and wood are both options.

800g Cosi-Logs are just £1.99 at our centres

To get your fire going and save yourself some hassle, we recommend using Cosi-Logs. They produce less CO2 than coal and contain 50% recycled material! All three of our centres stock them at just £1.99 for an 800g log – great value as they burn for around two hours.

As well as providing an attractive and warming flickering light, fire pits and chimineas can also be functional. If you have branches and twigs lying around, use them to feed the fire as a convenient way to dispose of them. This can be especially useful if you own an allotment or often find yourself cutting plants back.

Fix yourself a hot drink, sit back and relax...

So, as the weather starts to change, make sure you have everything you need to continue to enjoy your outdoor space and the fresh, Autumn air!

You’ll find a range of fire pits and chimineas to choose from at each of our centres.

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