2022 Garden Trends: Moroccan Décor

Every year, new trends creep in amongst UK gardeners. This year, there is undoubtably a common love for Moroccan themed décor.

Key features are repeated and intricate patterns, a hand-finished look and vibrant colours.

Adding some Moroccan design elements can completely change the look and feel of your garden. We have selected some of our favourite products to give you a helping hand with your project!

Alfresco Rugs

Outdoor rugs are a stylish addition to patios, terraces and balconies. They are rugged and water resistant, with various designs and sizes to suit all needs.

Place them near or under your garden furniture to make your outdoor space more homey!


Moroccan Inspired Lighting

Cast beautiful shadows around your garden and patio with Moroccan inspired lighting.

The intricate patterns look stunning day or night. Plus, solar lighting is a hassle free solution.

The Terracotta Touch...

Although it does not originate there, terracotta is a popular material in Morocco.

Made by baking clay, it creates a traditional yet timeless effect in the garden.

Plant up a wide variery of plants in terracotta troughs and pots to decorate your garden and patio.

It is also the perfect choice if you are on a tight budget – with options starting from only 69p!

Faux Moroccan Plants

Insert some additional foliage and colour into your garden with faux wreaths, trellis and garlands.

Our range includes natives such as Eucalyptus and Bay Trees.

Alternatively – plant the real thing! All of our centres currently stock Eucalyptus Gunnii at various sizes and prices. Ask a member of staff in our plant areas for details.

All products pictured and mentioned in this blog are subject to availability. Please contact your nearest centre if you wish to check the stock of a specific item, or email us via

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