June Gardening Jobs

Monthly Jobs: June

We don’t want to jinx it, but it looks like we are finally in for some sunny weather in the UK! This can be a busy month for gardeners, but don’t let that put you off. Your hard work this June will be rewarded with vibrant, healthy flowers – and possibly even a gardener’s tan!

We have chosen our top jobs for the month below…

Water, water, water!

blog watering

This might seem an obvious one, but plants can dry out quickly in the heat. 

When watering, ensure you are getting lots of water on the surface of the soil rather than the leaves, allowing more of it to reach the roots where it is most needed.

Ideally, water in the mornings or evenings. Some plant leaves (such as Acer leaves) will dry out or wilt if they are watered in full sun.

Continue planting Summer Bedding

blog begonia

For prolonged Summer colour, now is the time to plant Summer bedding varieties such as Begonias, Sweet Peas, Lobelia and more.

You will find these on great special offers at our centres – from our ‘Garden Ready Bedding’ 30 packs at £9.99 each to our 4 for £12 four packs.

Mulch for water retention

blog mulch

Use bark to mulch around shrubs – as well as some thirsty veg varieties such as courgettes!

Bark is great for water retention, so it prevents plants from drying out during the hot weather.

Use Hydrangea Colourant for blue blooms

blog hyd colourant

Adding Hydrangea Colourant to the soil around your plant will change pink blooms to a stunning blue hue.

It can also be used to enhance the colour of any lime hating shrub.

Available at all centres at the time of writing – just £5.99.

Plant herbs on the windowsill

herbs blog

Herbs such as Basil, Parsley and Coriander can all be planted on the windowsill in pots to give you your very own kitchen herb garden!

Seed packets start from as little as 99p, so growing your own can be a rewarding yet cost effective pastime.

Use granule or liquid lawn feed

mgro gras

As for lawn care this month, a simple granule or liquid lawn feed will do the trick nicely

At this time of year, it is desirable to have a thick, healthy lawn with strong roots. A feed will promote this nicely.

Deadhead roses for further blooms


Deadheading roses not only improves their general appearance, it also encourages the plant to produce new blooms.

Simply pinch away dead flowers. When all flowers on a ‘flowering head’ have finished, cut the stem down to the next leaf that has five ‘leaflets’.

Use plant supports for tall specimens

stem support

There are a large number of plants that will benefit from some kind of support at this time of year. Tall perennials, roses, peas and sunflowers to name just a few!

Different plants will require differing supports. There are lots of options available at our centres, including bamboo and plastic stakes.

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