March Gardening Jobs

March marks the beginning of Spring, making it an exciting month for UK gardeners! Here are our recommendations for what to do in the garden this month…

Sow hardy annual seeds

Californian Poppies

This month, you can start to sow hardy annual seeds outdoors.

We recommend Californian Poppies, which will provide beautiful red and orange hues in the garden come June. Seed packets are available in store now from as little as 99p!

Feed Azaleas & Rhododendrons


To get the best out of your Azaleas and Rhododendrons this year, invigorate them now with a slow-release feed.

1kg jars available now for just £6.99*.

Weed patios, paths and driveways

Patio Weeds

Tidy up any paved areas ahead of Spring by weeding them thoroughly.

There are a number of ways you can do this including the good old fashioned way – using your hands and some elbow grease!

Tougher weeds might require the use of a patio brush or weedkiller, all of which you will find in store at great prices.

Check for early aphid outbreaks

Early Aphid Infestation

New growth should be emerging this month on a range of perennials and shrubs you may have in the garden.

Unfortunately, aphids love nothing more than fresh growth – so it is worth doing your due diligence and checking for any outbreaks.

Treating them now will give your plants the best chance of thriving in Spring and Summer.

This year, we are offering 1L Bug Clear Ultra Guns for £6.99* – this can be used on flowers, fruit and veg plants. 

Feed the lawn

Safe Lawn


To keep your lawn healthy this year, consider giving it a feed.

Not only will this create a greener lawn, it will also prevent weeds and moss.

We have a full range of lawn care options available, including child & pet friendly options*.

Dig beds over and top up with compost

soil digging spade

With the planting season almost upon us, you will want to have your beds and borders ready for new additions!

Thoroughly weed them now and decide whether you need to top your borders up with fresh compostAdding new compost also reinvigorates the soil with nutrients.

Not sure which one to choose? Take a look at our compost guide for some tips.

Use grit to protect alpines

Aeonium Alpine

Alpines are popular at this time of year. If you’re planning to create a rockery garden, don’t underestimate the importance of Alpine grit.

Using it as a mulch around the plants will protect foliage from damp soil, add drainage and suppress weeds.

All of our centres currently stock Alpine Grit from £2.99*.

Plant early potato varieties

Potatoes chit

You can start to plant your seed potatoes this month.

Start with early varieties, planting them in either vegetable beds or deep containers.

* all products mentioned in the blog were available at the time of writing

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