May Gardening Jobs

Monthly Jobs: May

Despite some unusual weather this year, May remains a month we associate with long, sunny days. What better way to enjoy the weather than by pottering about the garden, keeping it looking its best? We have chosen our top five tips and jobs for this month…

1. Trim topiary

Hands are cut bush clippers in garden.

This month is a good time to neaten up any hedging or topiary. Not only will it look better, but a bit of trimming back promotes continued healthy growth.

2. Tidy new climber shoots

Hands are cut bush clippers in garden.

Clematis, Honeysuckle and Wisteria grow well at this time of year, so it is important to train new shoots. Whether you have chosen to grow your climbers up bamboo, trellis or another structure, keep on top of new growth now to ensure you get the desired result!

There are lots of ways to do this, some shoots may be able to be weaved through trellis by hand if they are long enough. For extra support and sturdiness during wind, try using twine or plant rings as pictured above.

PVC Coated Plant Rings (pictured) and Natural Jute Twine both available from £2.99 each.

3. Remove Strawberry runners

Hands are cut bush clippers in garden.

If you are a fruit and veg gardener, you will be familiar with the shoots that strawberry plants throw off to produce new plants. If you are a first time strawberry grower, watch out for these shoots this month!

‘Runners’ are long, leafless shoots that grow along the surface of the soil. You may be able to spot small roots developing at the end of the shoots.

If you are looking to grow new strawberry plants for next year, these runners can be very useful. However, they do take energy from the main plant and may reduce the quality or quantity of the fruit it produces.

For best results, remove them so the plant focuses more energy on fruiting.

4. Take care of timber

Hands are cut bush clippers in garden.

We have our fingers crossed for sunny weather this month, and there is no better time to treat or paint any timber products in the garden.

This includes fencing, sheds, sleepers, decking and furniture. Treating them now will protect them from cold, wet weather later on in the year.

We have a range of Ronseal paints, oils and stains available in our centres.

5. Be mindful of nesting birds

Hands are cut bush clippers in garden.

Lots of birds are nesting this month, so it is important to watch out for them when maintaining the garden.

Before trimming back any hedges or shrubs, have a quick check for nests.

All of our centres have had nests appear in unusual places – including in some topiary which was swiftly taken off sale!

2018 nest1
Just a few of our feathered visitors - luckily spotted by a member of staff!

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