November Gardening Jobs

November is upon us and hard work continues in the garden! From sowing seeds to planting Acers – here are our top tips for the month.

Plant an Acer for Autumn colour


Acers, or Japanese Maples, make a fantastic addition to any garden. Their wonderful foliage will brighten up your garden in all seasons!

They come in a full range of sizes and are known for being slow-growing. So no matter what space you have available, there will be an Acer to suit your needs.

All of our plant areas have a good selection to choose from.

Sow herb seeds on the windowsill


Keep growing throughout the Autumn and Winter seasons by sowing herbs indoors.

Harvest them intermittently and sprinkle them on your dinner for added, homegrown taste!

Increase humidity for houseplants

houseplant croton

Many of us will start to use central heating this month, which can cause houseplants to dry out. 

To counteract this, increase humidity for your houseplants. There are several ways to do this, including:

Plant with 2022 in mind


It’s not too late to get bulbs into the ground and containers for stunning colour in Spring!

Daffodils, Hyacinths, Tulips, Alliums and more can still be found in our bulb sections – you won’t find them at better prices anywhere else.

Protect tender plants with frost fleece

frost fleece

If you have tender perennials in the garden, it is important to protect them from the frost.

This can be done in a number of ways, and we have a tip for potted plants below. For plants in the ground/border however, we recommend the use of frost fleece.

Our centres sell it in pre-packed rolls and by the metre, with prices starting from as little as £1.

Use pot feet

pot feet

Pot feet raise your outdoor pots off the ground to improve drainage and prevent frost damage.

They come in a range of colours – some might even match up with the colour of your pot! Take a look in our outdoor pot areas for ideas.

Keep the lawn free from leaves

leaf grabber

Garden pests can make themselves at home in leaf piles, so it is worth keeping the garden free of autumn debris.

Consider using gathered leaves to make leafmould – an invaluable soil conditioner.

Our garden centres currently have great value Autumn Offers available on rakes and tidying equipment,

Continue to provide food and shelter for wild birds

robin with seed

Feeding wild birds is a year-round task – and arguably even more important in colder months.

Sunflower hearts are a great source of nutrition for many wild birds at this time of year. They are available in bulk from £4.49.

* all products mentioned in the blog were available at the time of writing

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