solar lighting

Solar Lighting

Solar lighting will transform your garden into a beautifully lit haven that you can enjoy all year round. Where better to spend time this summer than chilling in your garden and as the nights draw in, it need not spell the end to enjoying your outdoor space.


Create stunning mood lighting


Solar lighting from Smart Garden offers great choice, from colour-changing post lights and sparkling lit glass orbs to twinkling string lights and decorative lanterns, solar lighting can truly transform your outdoor space into a stunningly lit personalised haven. And with super-efficient solar panels that recharge even on an overcast day, solar lighting offers you a reliable cost effective lighting source every day of the year, it even automatically switches on at dusk and off a dawn!












































































Out  of the box wireless lighting!



 From spotlights, a massive array of light bulbs and ice orbs to lanterns and table lights as well as marker lights., Parker’s Garden Centres can offer you a full lighting solution to your garden. Take a look at our Special Offers page to view some of our amazing deals on solar lighting. Solar lighting is truly a great ‘out of the box’ lighting solution that will magic your garden into a softly lit personalised space in minutes. With no wiring required and up to 8 hours of night-time illumination, modern duel powered solar lighting has come a long way.