Growing Media

We want you to get the best possible start with all your planting and growing media, and that means starting with the right compost.


We always have an enormous range of bagged composts specifically designed to give you the right medium to grow your own flowers, fruit, vegetables and herbs on the patio or balcony  even where there is little or no garden. We have all the expertise on-hand to advise you and it’s all designed to save you money and frustration in the long term. At Parkers Garden Centres we offer a wide range of composts at unbeatable prices,  from our special offer Aurther Bowers 50 Ltr Multi Purpose at 3 for £10., to our Jack’s Magic Multi purpose compost at 2 for £12.


















Finally, our range of soil improvers and conditioners will help to ensure that your garden bears fruit for your efforts, season after season. We also offer a range of specialist composts for houseplants, orchids and bonsai



Please don’t hesitate to ask one of our friendly professional members of staff for assistance