Outdoor plants

Outdoor Plants

At Parkers we pride ourselves in being a ‘real’ garden centre, and at the heart of our business is outdoor plants!



The Parker Family has always had a love for horticulture, and to this day outdoor plants forms the mainstay of our business. All our centres stock a huge range quality outdoor plant material. At Parker’s we have made a name for ourselves offering a huge range of plants at very reasonable prices. Over the past few years, as well as offering a comprehensive A-Z range of shrubs, we have introduced a number of very strong multi-buy offers. We offer a 3 Ltr pot range of shrubs for £4.99 or 4 for £18 and a smaller 1Lr range at £3.99 or 5 for £17.50.



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Perennials are a passion at Parkers also, and our range in season is second to non. As well as offering a huge selection including unusual varieties we offer a 1Lltr and 9 cm range of perennials at £2.99 or 4 for £10 and £1.99 or 4 for £7




















































As well as a comprehensive range of shrubs and perennials we stock alpines, climbers, Roses, Trees, vegetables and soft fruit depending on the time of year and there is always a gardening expert on hand for advice.