Wild Bird and Pet Care

Wild Bird Care

Why not bring your garden to life by attracting and caring for a diverse variety of wild birds?


We stock a variety of wild bird & pet care treats including buckets of fat snax, meal worms, peanuts seed, and many more.All at bespoke prices from Parker’s Garden Centres


















We also stock specialist seed mixes to bring birds such as Finches, Blue Tits, and Robins to your garden. Our extensive range of feeders, feeding stations, bird tables, and bird baths will encourage our feathered friends into your garden for you and your family to enjoy.


















We stock an extensive range of bird care products from leading manufactures and our range of feeds, feeders, bird tables, and other wild bird & pet care accessories is second to none.


Wildlife Products


We also stock a good range of wildlife products including squirrel food, insect and hedgehog homes as it has become more important to care for our native species of wildlife coming into Autumn and Winter.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask a member for assistance.