Spring Flowering Bulbs

It would be hard to find a garden display in either spring or summer without some form of bulbs, corms or tubers on show. Bulbs are easy to plant, easy to grow and offer such a huge variation in types and forms that they can be incorporated into any display and are suitable for flowerbeds, borders, rockeries or on the patio. Bulbs also often represent excellent value for money and a very cost-effective way of adding colour to the garden without spending too much money. We only supply the best quality bulbs possible, sourced from the best growers around the UK and Europe, meaning you will be guaranteed the best results possible. Buy your garden bulbs today and sit back, relax and watch the results speak for themselves.




Tulips are one of the most familiar bulbous perennials in the British garden and are a staple part of any spring flowering garden. Tulips bulbs are so versatile that they can be planted with any other spring bulb, as well as having multiple uses in borders, patio pots and flowerbeds. Top quality bulbs supplied.
































Daffodils and Narcissi



The Narcissi or Daffodil as is it more commonly known, is one of the most recognisable perennial bulbs in the British garden and has been for centuries. The joy that these simple to grow bulbs can bring is prominent in the poem entitled “I wandered lonely as a cloud” by William Wordsworth where he stumbled across “a host of golden Daffodils”. The sight of Daffodil flowers dancing adds thoughts of joy and pleasure to the poet and to millions of British gardeners to this day. A huge range of premium Daffodil and Narcissi bulbs available to buy now and plant in autumn, for a superb spring show, ideal for borders, rockeries or pots on the patio.









































Alliums are a very distinctive late spring and early summer flowering bulb, being very showy when planted in beds, borders or rock gardens. Allium bulbs are very easy to grow and compliment the modern cottage garden wonderfully, a modern day must have flower for any top garden designer. They are versatile enough to be able to be grown in borders, flower beds, patio pots and containers, where they really will pack a punch. A must have impact plant for spring and summer















































Hyacinth are a highly fragrant spring flowering bulb that are available in a wide range of colours and suitable for growing in pots, borders or even rockeries. Fragrant Hyacinth bulbs produce spiky shaped flowers that really do make an impact, especially when grown in groups. You can choose from specially prepared indoor flowering bulbs (which are treated to force flowering early in winter), top size 17/18cm bulbs (if you want the largest blooms possible outdoors) or the very popular bedding size 14/15cm bulbs (which are great for mass planting in borders).








































And Much More!


Spring flowering bulbs are a wonderful way of adding interest to the garden in spring, a time when usually our natural interest in the garden begins to kick in. We are delighted to offer a range of bulbs with vibrancy, colour and interest that will help keep you active in the garden in spring. You can choose from our spring bulbs range that includes customer favourites such as Hardy Alstroemeria, Camassia, Chionodoxa, Colchicum, Ixia, Sparaxis and the unusual but effective Oxalis. Top quality bulbs and corms supplied.