September Gardening Jobs




The weather may be cooling down, but there are still plenty of jobs to do to keep busy in the garden this September. From bulb planting to Autumn preparation, we have listed our top picks for the month.

Inject Autumn colour into the garden

Autumn Heuchera

With Autumn right around the corner, there are plenty of plants that will bring those gorgeous orange, burgundy and yellow hues to the garden.

We recommend:

  • Heucheras (pictured above)
  • Autumn bedding - including Pansies & Violas
  • Wallflowers
  • Cyclamen

Our centres all stock Autumn Bedding packs – 4 for £12 or £3.50 per pack. You will also find a range of options suitable for Autumn planting in our plant areas!

Pot up some of your herbs and bring them indoors

Potted Chives

Herb gardening doesn’t have to end because of the colder weather – try potting up some herbs like parsley and chives and bringing them indoors.

Place them on the windowsill and continue to enjoy adding them to your meals this Autumn and Winter.

Grow your own Saffron

Crocus saffron

Plant Crocus Sativus bulbs now to harvest your very own Saffron this Autumn.

This vibrant flower has been grown in Britain since the Tudor times to produce the expensive spice. Once in flower, use tweezers to remove the red ‘ribbons’. Saffron can be dried and stored for use for up to two years.

Crocus naturalise – meaning they multiply and come back bigger and better each year.

Our centres offer packs of 25 Crocus Sativus for just £3.49 (subject to availability).

Net your pond to keep Autumn waste out

Autumn Pond Netting



Avoid the hassle of constantly removing fallen leaves and other Autumn debris from your pond in the coming months by protecting it with netting.

It’s easy to install and you’ll thank yourself later on.

Available in various sizes at our three centres.

Plant Spring-flowering bulbs


Planting bulbs is not only easy, therapeutic and incredibly rewarding come Spring. You can start planting lots of varieties now – including Daffodils, Crocus and Fritillaria.

As a company, we began as a mail order bulb business which is still operating today. We offer an extensive range of Parker’s bulbs at our garden centres, with over 400 varieties expected this year.

Read more about our Spring bulb range and unbeatable prices here.

Spray weeds while they are vulnerable

Weed spray

The most effective times to use weed killers are early Spring (just as growth starts) and Autumn – when weeds are vulnerable ahead of colder weather.

If your paths, patio or driveway look like they need a good tidy up, now is the best time to do it!

Harvest any remaining potatoes

Potatoes 2

If you have any potatoes left in the ground, pull them up now before it’s too late. Leaving it much later increases the risk of rot or slugs destroying your crop.

Give bird stations, baths and feeders a good clean

Bird station

Cleaning your bird feeders and baths regularly is an important task as it prevents the spread of bird diseases.

Many diseases are spread through droppings mixing with bird feed, so having a good clean out every so often will nip this in the bud.

The RSPB offers great tips for keeping your garden sanitary for feathered visitors

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