Special Offers

At Parker’s Garden Centres we pride ourselves in offering great value for money. Here are just some of our special offer products in store now.

4 for £10

Great range of Spring flowering plunge pots now in store

At only £2.99 create colourful Spring displays for less with Parkers.

2 for £12

3 ltr shrub offer

Great value at £6.99 and with our multi buy creating a garden for less is easy.

4 for £8

British Grown 9cm ready to plant perennials.

Fantastic range of ready to plant perennials only £2.25. Create a colourful border for less with Parker’s Garden Centres.

4 for £12

1 litre perennial collection

Fantastic range of 1 litre perennials only £3.99. Create a colourful border for less with Parker’s Garden Centres.

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3 for £10

J Arthur Bowers Multi Purpose Compost

A great compost for most uses. Only £3.99 each.

2 for £12

Jack's Magic compost offer

Jacks Magic is a real growth brand in the compost market. Great quality multi purpose compost at a great price. Only £6.99 each.

Only £4.99

Gro-Sure Super Enriched All Purpose Plant Food 1 Ltr +50% extra free

A fantastic liquid concentrate feed for plants, vegetables and flowers, Gro-Sure Seaweed Enriched All Purpose Plant Food is packed full of essential nutrients. Great for flower, leaf and root growth, this plant food is ideal for plants in pots, containers, hanging baskets, beds and even indoor plants. Treat you plants to a food they will love!

Only £5.99

Gro-Sure Slow Release Plant Food 1 Kg + 50% Free

A general purpose plant food for use all around the garden Gro-Sure All Purpose Six Month Feed Jar provides a slow release of food to keep plants healthy and thriving for longer. Ideal for plants in pots, hanging baskets and containers, this food is packed full of nutrients to help plants who need it most.

only £4.99

Big Tom Super Concentrated Tomatoe Feed 1.25 Ltr + 50% extra free

The secret to a big yield of juicy, flavourful tomatoes is using the right tomato feed to fertilise your crops. Big Tom Tomato Food is an excellent choice for all tomato varieties, as it is enriched with extra strength nutrients that improve both the yield of the crop and the flavour of the tomatoes. This tomato food comes in the form of liquid concentrated, which makes it both economical and easy to use.

Only £3.49

Levington Tamorite 1.3Ltr

Top quality tomatoes are within easy reach with this Tomorite plant food from Levington. Made with seaweed extract to ensure you give your plants a healthy dose of easily absorbed micro-nutrients which are essential to healthy growth. Thanks to the concentrated formula you only need a little food to ensure great results with the chance for 50% more tomatoes and a fuller flavour. With Tomorite boosting the health of your plants you can savour the joy of bringing homegrown food to the table.

ONLY £3.99

Provanto Ultimate Bug Killer Ready to use spray 1 Litre

One of our best selling insecticides Provanto is a great all rounder.Rapid an long lasting protection from a wide range of pests. Can be used indoor or outdoor and on edibles.

Only £10.99

Evergreen Complete 100 sq. meters

Miracle-Gro EverGreen Complete 4 in 1 feeds your lawn whilst also working to kill weeds and control moss. The WaterSmart™ formula helps to protect against heat, drought and other stresses. Your lawn will be greener in 1 week, the moss will blacken and can then be easily raked out, and weeds will be killed within 3 to 5 weeks

Only £5.99

Bayer Garden Ultimate slug and snail killer

Bayer Garden 800g Slug and Snail Killer – The ultimate slug snail killer UK’s number 1 brand. – Unique dosing cap makes it easier to apply the correct amount accurately.

Only £11.99

Gro-Sure Smart LawnSeed

Gro-Sure Smart Seed is a blend of unique hard wearing lawn seed varieties that is ideal for over-seeding worn grass or filling in bare patches,

Seeds are treated with Aqua Gel technology for improved germination.

Only £8.99

Miracle-gro Patch magic Jug

The revolutionary Miracle-Gro Patch Magic offers a convenient, easy to use, one step solution to bare or thin patches in your grass. Made up of a superior quality (free from agricultural grasses) mix of grass seed, coir growing substrate and Miracle-Gro fertiliser, grass is guaranteed to grow anywhere, even on concrete, and grows 50% thicker with 50% less watering.

2 for £12

Westland Safelawn Pet and Child friendly lawn feed.

Westland Safe Lawn is Child and Pet Friendly it will make your lawn thicker and greener, makes grass grow stronger out competing weeds and moss, uses friendly Bacteria to transform dead leaves and moss into nutrients.

Only £6.99

Solabiol Top Lawn PLUS

A new product for this year. Child and pet safe and with a long-lasting effect, Solabiol Top Lawn feeds for twice as long (versus the natural brand leader), so consumers can enjoy the comfort of feeding their lawn less often.

2 for £15

Aftercut all in one feed, weed and Moss killer

Containing the latest fertiliser and herbicide technology, After cut All in one formulation allows gardeners to feed their lawn, and kill weeds and moss all in one application, with results guaranteed In as little as seven days. This is Westland’s most effective and efficient herbicide yet, now controlling a multitude of different types of weeds, with 22% more iron for faster moss control and a balanced feed containing phosphorous to encourage strong root growth. It can be used in spring for optimum growth and as an early weed and moss Killer.

only £4.99

Roseclear Ultra Gun 1 Ltr

A convenient hand sprayer which combines a systemic insecticide with a systemic fungicide to control pests and diseases on roses and other flowering and ornamental plants. One spray kills pests such as greenfly and blackfly within 24 hours. Fights existing infections of powdery mildew, rose blackspot and rust, gives protection between sprays.

Only £4.29

Top Rose Plus 1.25 kg

With a little care, roses can be encouraged to last for many years creating elegant blooms and beautiful scents. To get the best from your roses, a successful care involves applying a specialised rose food that contains well balanced nutrients. Toprose – Britain’s best-selling granular rose food – is ideal for your plants. In addition to the essentials Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potash, Toprose also contains Iron and Magnesium to guard against nutrient deficiency and prevent premature leaf drop and discolouring.

Only £4.99

Resolva 24 Hour Weedkiller ready to use spray.

Resolva 24H  ready to use spray contains glyphosate & diquat as a ready to use spray for fast effective control of annual & deep-rooted perennial garden weeds including grasses, docks, nettles, dandelion, bindweed & many more. Resolva 24H RTU® is broken down naturally in soil.

Only £3.99

Weedol Gun Rootkill Plus 1 Ltr. ready to use spray

Weedol Gun Rootkill Plus is a strong systemic weedkiller that kills weeds right down to the roots. This is a total weedkiller for all broad-leaved weeds and grass.

Only £39.99

Super-Hoze 30 meter

Expands up to 3 times its original length for easy reach and then shrinks in size after use for convenient storage. Does not kink or tangle to ensure continuous water flow.

Only £9.99

Classic Seed Blend 12.5 KG

The gardener’s choice. This no grow, no mess bird seed contains a variety of seeds for to provide a balanced diet for birds.