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At Parker’s Garden Centres we pride ourselves in offering great value for money. Here are just some of our special offer products in store now.

Only £1.99

50 Allium Sphaerocephalon

These incredible Allium Sphaerocephalon are a real must-have for any garden! These unique flowers open green, then start to turn a purple/crimson colour from the top, creating unusual two-tone drumstick flower heads. Their attractive curled green leaves will wither before the flowers appear in early summer so we recommend accompanying them with low-growing perennials to provide filling foliage over the base areas. Perfect for garden borders or even patio containers, the Allium will reach a height of 60cm. Preferring direct or partial sunlight they also look great as part of a cut flower display for within the home. Flower between May to June. 5cm+ bulbs supplied.

Only £2.99

15 Mixed Fringed Tulips

Our Fringed Tulips mixture have an exciting blend of vibrant colours that create a truly eye-catching display perfect for any garden. Their delicate fringed petals that give them a feathered, ruffled look that stand atop sturdy green stems. Sure to be a real-talking point, these amazingly colourful Tulips have a compact habit and can be planted within patio containers or garden borders. With heights reaching between 40-50cm, the Fringed Tulips flower in spring between from April to May.

Only £2.99

10 Queen of the Night

Queen of Night Tulips are the perfect addition to your garden to create a dramatic feature. With deep velvety maroon flowers with a silky sheen, which gives it the appearance of being black. Also known as Queen Of The Night. 

Only £3.99

25 Single Snowdrops

The much loved traditional small Snowdrops. Galanthus nivalis boasts honey scented nodding flower heads with pure white outer tepals surrounding smaller inner tepals often marked green at the tip.

Only £1.99

15 Daffodil Sempre Avanti

A wonderful variety with a very broad, flat cream-white perianth and a beautifully proportioned frilled cup of orange-red. Makes stunning cut flowers for the vase and is well suited to the fronts of the garden border and container displays. Hardy and attracts pollinators, such as bees and butterflies into your garden. Thrive in sunny and partially shaded locations. Flowers April to May. Mature height 35cm.

Only £2.99

25 Narcissi Tete a Tete

Quite possibly the most renowned scented dwarf daffodil on the market today, the tete-a-tete daffodil will bear up to 3 flowers per stem. They bloom in early spring, with neat buttercup golden trumpets that are slightly fluted at mouth. These petite narcissi are an excellent choice for the front of a border, rockery or for pots in your patio area. A hardy variety which will tolerate some exposure. Thrives in sunny and partially shaded locations. Mature height 20cm. Flowers March to April. 8/10cm bulbs supplied

Only £2.99

15 Allium Purple Sensation

This new large flowering variety produces giant and vibrant violet-purple flowers about the size of a tennis ball. Powder Puff is a beautiful compact Allium that grows to a height of 40cm and looks fantastic in borders or patio pots. Winner of the RHS Award of Garden Merit, this bold Allium is great for an unusual addition to your cut flower displays. Flowers May/June. 10cm+ bulbs supplied

Only £1.99

25 Fritillaria Meleagris

The snakes head fritiallaria is ever growing in popularity due to the unusual shaped pendants that it produces in spring. This mixed collection will display a mixture of white and purple bell shaped flowers. A fantastic naturaliser that will multiply.

Only £1,99

15 Daffodil King Alfred

Uniform rich golden yellow periant and trumpet deeply frilled and open at mouth, while the entire flower is beautifully proportioned and of distinctly refined shape, of great substance and a tall grower making it an excellent choice for borders or cut flower displays. This incredibly popular narcissi has been around for hundreds of years and holds the RHS Award of Garden merit, its classic bright sunny flowers a sure sign that spring has sprung. They prefer sunny locations, well sheltered from the wind. Will naturalise well when planted in grass or under tress and can be left undisturbed for years. 

Only £3.99

10 Mixed Hyacinth

Fragrant bell shaped blooms perfectly formed from compact clusters of colourful shaped flowers. These hardy plants will flower through throughout March and April, for an amazing six weeks in an optimum season. Their beautiful highly scented flowers are excellent for bedding and general purpose or these untreated bulbs can be grown in indoor pots for flowering in early spring.

5 for £20

1 Litre shrub offer

A huge range of evergreen and deciduous shrubs only £4.50 each

2 for £10

3 ltr shrub offer

Only £5.99

5 for £10

British Grown 9cm ready to plant perennials.

Fantastic range of ready to plant perennials only £2.25.

4 for £12

1 litre perennial collection

Fantastic range of 1 litre perennials only £3.50

3 for £5

Huge range of Dahlia tubers

Real show stopping plants for pots or in borders.

Only £19.99

Evergreen Complete 400m squared for the price of 360 m squared

Only £3.99

Tomorite 1 ltr plus 30% extra free

RRP  £4.29

Only £5.99

Miracle grow all purpose plant food concentrated

1kg  + 20% Free

Only £3.99

Pour and Feed 1 ltr

Only £4.99

Roundup RTU 1.2 ltr

RRP £5.99

Only £9.99

Miracle Grow Patch Magic Jug 115g

RRP £11.99

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3 for £10

J Arthur Bowers Multi Purpose Compost

A great compost for most uses. Only £3.99.

2 for £12

Jack's Magic compost offer

Jacks Magic is a real growth brand in the compost market. Great quality multi purpose compost at a great price. Only £6.99 each.

Only £9.99

Classic Seed Blend 12.5 KG

The gardener’s choice. This no grow, no mess bird seed contains a variety of seeds for to provide a balanced diet for birds.