January Jobs

January may be regarded as a fairly quiet month for gardeners, but there are still several key things you can do to keep busy this month! Here are our top picks:

Brighten your indoor space with a houseplant
The Christmas tree has been put away and Spring flowers are yet to rear their head in the garden – it’s time to make sure you still have some green in your life!
Cacti, succulents, peace lilies and more are all low-maintenance and are an instant hit of colour in any house.
Clean pots, sheds, greenhouses and tools before Spring
The start of a new year is the perfect time for a reset.
For gardeners, this means getting everything clean, organised and ready for another year of growing.
Plant onions, garlic, shallots and potatoes!
Now is the perfect time to start your vegetable garden. A bit of work now will mean you can enjoy the satisfaction of cooking with your own, home-grown veg later down the line.
Seed potatoes, onion sets, wild garlic and shallots are now available at the garden centre at great value.

Do your winter pruning

To keep apple and pear trees healthy, it is important to prune them in the winter – now is the perfect time!

How you will need to prune your fruit trees will depend on their age. The RHS has created a great guide to help with this.

Defrost your bird baths

If you have a bird bath that has frozen over, defrost it by simply pouring warm water over the ice. This ensures your winged visitors still have access to water!

Wild birds can be fed year-round, so don’t forget to top up your feeders too. 

Our centres offer a great range of wild bird care products including tables, feeds and more.

Prep your flower beds for Spring

Dig over empty patches in your beds and borders to prepare for Spring, binning unwanted weeds and roots along the way.

You will thank yourself for this later on when it comes to Spring planting!